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Please excuse our mess as we change the website to be geared toward our new Money On The Nose Podcast. Soon you'll be able to listen on your favorite podcast platform.

In the meantime you can view my current episodes below and you can support Money On The Nose Podcast through Patreon

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Money On The Nose Podcast Episodes

Episode 5 - Breeders' Cup Saturday: Selections & Thoughts
Happy Breeders' Cup Saturday! In this episode I go over my prescratch selections for the Saturday Breeders Cup Races at Keeneland. I give my thoughts on where there is value and how I am going to try to maximize that value in my bets. Thanks for listening!

Episode 4 - Planning Your Breeders' Cup Day
There are very few days each year in racing that offer full fields and inflated pools, but the Breeders' Cup races are among these days. With so many betting options and horses to handicap it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out your best plays. In this episode, I talk about the importance of letting your handicapping uncover your plays based on where you find value. Finding value is much easier on these big days than just another Saturday at your favorite track. Planning your day around this value will give you a much better path to success than just continuing to play your favorite bet.

Episode 3 - 2020 Black Eyed Susan & Preakness Recap
In this episode I recap my thoughts from the Black Eyed Susan and Preakness races at Pimlico. From a confident ride on Preakness winner Swiss Skydiver to horses that didn't run their best or get a good ride, all of these things are important to consider as we move towards the Breeders' Cup in November.

Episode 2 - The Importance of Keeping a Journal for the Breeders' Cup
In this episode I look at the importance of keeping a journal leading up to the Breeder's Cup. It's a practice I started several years back that has been invaluable as I begin to handicap the Breeders' Cup each year. From workouts and previous races to clocker reports and comments, it will help you organize and retain important bits of data that might be otherwise lost. I go over how I organize it and what type of data entries I make into the journal, as well as how it has helped me in the past.

Episode 1 - Introduction: My Introduction into the Game and Handicapping
In this first episode, I give my background into the game of horse racing. I talk about how I got started handicapping and how that has evolved over the years from hours spent paper handicapping to looking at stats and writing algorithms. It's a game I love and look forward to lots of conversations about its many aspects.

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